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10 Things to Do During Your College Winter Break

college winter break

So how can you make the best of this time? Here are some great ideas.


Yep, you definitely need to relax and recharge after a long semester full of work. It’s a great time to sleep in, stay in your pajamas for a couple of days, and binge watch the TV shows you may have missed while you were studying. Don’t feel guilty about it, either — you deserve a break!

Visit Museums

Once you’ve done some relaxing, take the time to visit some local cultural institutions that are relevant to your major. It’s a great way to do some low-key learning while you’re on break and you can even go with family members to get some family time in as well.


Taking the time to volunteer for a local charity offers you the chance to give back and do good. It’s also a great way to network and get to know the community better. Check with local homeless shelters and food banks, you’ll find they need more hands on deck this time of year.

Apply for Jobs and Internships

This is a great time to start looking at what you will be doing after graduation or for summer internships. Start doing the research and fine tuning your cover letter and resume. You’ll have a better chance of getting the job or internship of your dreams if you apply early.

Search for Scholarships

Your winter break is also a great time to start searching for scholarships big and small that you can apply to for next year. In fact, this is a good time to get all of your financial aid paperwork started for 2016-2017.

Begin Learning a New Language

Between the latest language apps and programs available, it’s a great time to spend a couple hours a day working on being fluent in another language — particularly if you plan to a do a semester abroad. If you’ve already taken some college language courses, even better — you can keep your skills fresh!

Read a Book for Fun

It might seem like the last thing you want to do is read on break after ploughing through texts for college, but it’s a great way to relax while you’re on break. Pick up a great murder mystery or the latest vampire romance and enjoy!

Review the Last Semester

While you might not yet have your grades for the semester yet, you probably have some idea of how you’ve done. Take the time to sit down and reflect on your study habits and see what you can improve for the spring semester.

Review Finances

Speaking of reviewing the semester, how did you do with managing your finances this year? Winter break is a time to sit down and look at how you did, where you can save in the spring semester, and how you can do better.

Get a Seasonal Job

If you didn’t like the results of your financial review, well, you’ll likely find plenty of retail places are looking for temporary seasonal help during your break. A great way to get some work experience and fill up your bank account!


As you can see, there’s plenty that you can do on your down time that will help you during the school year. Why not make the best of it?

Happy Thanksgiving From League!

Happy ThanksgivingIn 1621, early American colonists were invited to an autumn harvest feast by the Wampanoag Native American tribe. While it’s likely they shared a meal of venison, corn, and other local fare instead of today’s traditional turkey and stuffing, they were grateful for both the meal and the company.

While it’s easy to get swept up in the holiday spirit around this time of year, it’s also a great time to pause and remember the many things you’re grateful for (it is, after all, “THANKS”giving). So we stopped by the production department during a break and asked the team members what they are grateful for this year.

As you can imagine, most folks were grateful for family, and for their family’s happiness. A few mentioned being grateful for their health and life in general. A few people mentioned specific things, like second chances, honestly, or for everything they have.

We were humbled and flattered to hear several team members mention how grateful they are for their jobs at League, including Rachel Holt who added, “It’s really fun!”

Of course, League would be just an idea without our amazing team. We are eternally grateful for them as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We hope you have a lovely time with you and yours!

League Central America Welcomes Esteemed Visitors from the US Embassy and USAID

visita embassy 4

League Central America was honored on November 17th to receive a visit from the Ambassador of United States of America to El Salvador Mari Carmen Aponte. We were also pleased to have Lawrence Sacks, Mission Director of USAID for El Salvador Lawrence Sacks,  as well as Director of the Office of Democracy and Governance for USAID Adams Schmidt join the visit. Several other members of the Embassy also joined us.

visita Emabssy 1

General Manager of League Central America Rodrigo Bolaños had the pleasure of presenting all the projects that League Central America has developed for the welfare of the employees to our visitors. The Ambassador as well as the other visitors had the opportunity to see the different departments and to heard testimonies from some employees.

“I am happy to know about all of these projects, and I think that this is not only a simple job that you are giving day by day to each one and their families but also it is a great gift and opportunity to all of them.” stated Ms. Aponte. “I congratulate you because this is the best that a human being can do for one to another.”

visita embassy 2

“We are leaving motivated, and we want to invite other companies to repeat these types of programs,” continued Ms. Aponte. “I like the way it contributes to making a better El Salvador.”

League Central America was pleased to host these visitors, and are flattered to be referred to as a role model l for other companies. Thank you to all who visited.

embassy 6