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League Makes Merry: Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

rudolph league holiday traditions

December is a time of celebration and family, and what better way to honor our League family than by sharing our various holiday traditions with you? It’s been a banner year here and we’re all looking forward to an even better 2016. But first, let’s celebrate.

Here at League we annually adopt a local family that’s been struggling so they can have a fantastic Christmas. We work together to get gifts for the kids and the parents as well as gifts for the whole family. The family has kids in our local elementary school, and we love being able to make a difference and bring light to a local family.

Of course our team members have their own ways of celebrating too.

Jaime Nelson (who helped organize our arrangement with the local family) says, “Every Saturday after Thanksgiving my husband, kids and I go get our Christmas Tree at Bustard’s Christmas Trees. We take it home and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation while decorating it.”

Bustard's Tree Farm
Bustard’s Tree Farm

Larry McLaughlin likes supporting his local firehouse. “We go to the local firehouse every year for our Christmas tree,” he says. “They have a fireman that looks a lot like Santa.  He doesn’t dress up like Santa or claim that he is Santa… But the kids sure think that he is undercover Santa.”


Lauri Winters heads into Center City Philadelphia each year. “For me, the holiday season is not complete without seeing the Macy’s Light show at the Center City store on 13th and Market streets,” she says. “Love the storytelling timed to lights while listening to Julie Andrews at her best! The store itself is an incredible building built by John Wanamaker and fun to walk around. Meet me at the Eagle!”

The light show at Macy's.
The light show at Macy’s.

Peter Streets, who works for League Central America, makes us want to head down to El Salvador to celebrate the holiday. “Every December 24, our beloved uncle prepares us roast beef, pork ribs, and sausages,” he says. “10 to 15 people join us for this roast is usually at 8 in the evening. We do the same on December 31. We all work together to buy the ingredients, but our uncle is directly responsible for preparing. The roast it is perfect, and we enjoy it while we remember things throughout the year that have occurred, good and bad. On the 31st when the night ends, we spend the last five minutes before the new year thanking God for the year that allowed us and the new that is coming.” (Photo below is not actually of Peter’s Uncle.)


Kara Hadash makes it fun with her family each year. “Every year on Christmas my extended family has a Pollyanna gift swap with the craziest/strangest things we can find in stores.” she tells us. “The last few years have been getting intense as we keep making new rules such as waiting two years before being allowed to recycle gifts. There has been a sandwich maker going around for the past decade. Last year I got a golden ceramic frog statue and the year before I got adult-sized footsie pajamas that fit me perfectly (so I wore them the rest of the night!).” (Photo below is how we imagine the gift exchange.)


Hope you enjoyed hearing about our traditions. We’d love to hear about yours as well. Head on over to our Facebook page and join in!

Happy holidays from our family to yours.