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Foot Patrol Presents: How To Be Patriotic

Photo by Instragram user @gabby.hodgins

Today we’re happy to feature another great blog post with tips on being patriotic from our Penn State Foot Patrol member Maddie Hendricks. Hope you’re having a great summer, Maddie!

American pride is more than just a theme for a college party, it’s a lifestyle. Not only will we shortly celebrate the 4th of July, but we will be cheering for our favorite American athletes in the 2016 Summer Olympics. That’s a lot to be excited about — all for our wonderful country! Here are a few ways you can express your patriotic spirit, so that you can truly bleed red, white and blue.

Listen to a USA Playlist

Photo by Instagram user @aressupreme

While this may turn some people off to the American theme, country music is important to the United States, as we can claim it to be “our music.” So, by all means, blare your speakers loudly and sing about the country terrain, pickup trucks, blue jeans and beer. Attending a country concert this summer is highly encouraged as well! Some of the biggest names in country may come to a city near you, including Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood, as they all have 2016 summer tours. Don’t be afraid to summon your inner-cowboy (or cowgirl, of course.)

Travel the Country

Photo by Instagram user @juliemalberti

Now I know we all might be a little broke from college life, but one thing that might be worth spending what little money you have left is taking a road trip. There’s no way better way to appreciate your country than getting out to see its beauty with your own eyes. Travel to new places and visit historic monuments! Go to states that you have never been to before. Visit our nation’s capital and go to some museums. See the beauty of American land through visits to National Parks. You will really feel patriotic once you have traveled from sea to shining sea.

Dress Patriotic

This one is a given. One of the first thing people notice about you is your clothes. Why not show them your American pride? You can find American clothing anywhere, any style, especially around the 4th of July. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wear it one day of the year — wear it year-round! The opportunities are endless.

Be Politically Active

Did your school host a rally? Several Presidential candidates visited my hometown and spoke at local universities. Whomever is your candidate, it is always important to be politically active. Attend the rallies even if you do not agree with the candidate — maybe you can open your mind to other opinions. Even more importantly, when the time comes: VOTE! Make sure you register and show up to the polls. Vote on who you think would make the next best leader for your country. The United States of America was built on the power of the people. Do YOUR part!

Decorate Your Room

Whether you want to get started in your room at home this summer, or collecting items for your hip dorm or apartment next year, there are many ways you can make your room “American”, and you don’t have to paint your walls! Try hanging a small American flag above your bed. Maybe you can hang red, white and blue twinkling lights. In addition, try to purchase a few American room accessories. A perfect example is the Flag Pillow made by League! League sent me one of these and it has been on my bed ever since. Just doing simple things like this will add some spirit to your room or dorm. That way, when someone walks in, they will know you are a proud American.

Make American Food

While hotdogs and hamburgers may be a given (and encouraged of course), that not exactly what I mean by ‘American food’. There are ways to express your hunger while being even more patriotic. Express your American pride with a few hours in the kitchen with your friends.

League’s Starting Line Up: Merchandising Manager Meredith Mitchell

As League continues its 25th Anniversary celebration, we also continue to celebrate our longest standing team members. Meredith Mitchell, our Merchandising Manager, is one of those employees — with a bit of a twist. “I started at League in October 1997 and worked until January 2003,” says Meredith. “I took 10 years off to raise my kids and returned in October 2012, when my youngest son entered kindergarten.”

Meredith with her children
Meredith with her children

Meredith has had a variety of roles here at League. “I started out in Account Receivables, then I did Account Payables, then Customer Service, then Customer Service Manager, then Licensing. Then I started to manage the Sales Reps, their communication and their kits.  I also did Corporate Sales.” 

meredith mitchell foot patrol
Meredith and a Foot Patrol team member at IU

When Meredith thinks about her time here at League, she has several fond memories. “The Mountain House, The Christmas Scavenger Hunt, and of course the April Fools Pranks!” We also asked about her favorite piece of League gear. “Victory Springs Jogger Pants, so cozy, I love to fly in them when I travel!” Meredith flies quite a bit for her job here at League.

Meredith visits the campus at LSU.
Meredith visits the campus at LSU

Meredith is looking forward to this summer. “My favorite place in summer is my backyard, in the hammock or by a fire pit with a cold beer — I’m easy.  I also love the beach — any beach that isn’t too crowded.” She’s not planning a road trip this summer, although she once drove from Philadelphia all the way down to Key West. While in the car, she loves listening to everything from NPR to sports to classical music. She’s also looking forward to the gymnastics at this year’s Summer Olympics.

We love having Meredith as part of the team here at League!

Meredith with Lauren Brown after a day working at SFSU.
Meredith with Lauren Brown after a day working at SFSU.

League Central America: Making A Difference In El Salvador

lca video

At League, we have dual commitments. First, to our customers, by offering them the best made college gear on the planet. Every piece we proudly design and manufacture reflects the traditions and heritage of the school represented. We work hard to create a balance with our style: by casting a reverent glance back to the past while keeping an eye on the future. Because it’s never about fashion, but always about style.

We also have a strong commitment to the people who work for us — both in our Bridgeport facility, and at League Central America in El Salvador. We believe we must improve the lives of our employees while making our statement in the collegiate market.

We settle for nothing less than total compliance to the Fair Labor Policy, offer jobs to the homeless and people with disabilities, provide gang rehabilitation programs, and much more. We are firm believers that our company has a higher purpose — to lead the way for a collective global conscience and ethical practices in the collegiate licensed sportswear industry. And beyond.

This video perfectly captures the many programs and efforts we’ve undertaken at League Central America in particular. We hope you’ll watch and believe in what we’re doing as much as we do.