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League Profiles: Don’t Stall, Just Call


Let’s Talk About Alcohol Poisoning

Here’s how the Mayo Clinic defines alcohol poisoning:

Alcohol poisoning is a serious — and sometimes deadly — consequence of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Drinking too much too quickly can affect your breathing, heart rate, body temperature and gag reflex and potentially lead to a coma and death.

If you’ve ever woken up with a hangover, you’ve tasted a bit of what alcohol poisoning feels like. It happens most commonly with binge drinking — something that happens all too frequently on college campuses. Beer Pong, shot contests, jello shots that taste sweet but pack a punch — it’s very easy to get carried away with these activities and find yourself unexpectedly drunk to the point of nausea, blacking out, passing out, or worse.

League team member Mary Ciammetti knows about the worse. Her beloved son Christian died as a result of alcohol poisoning in 2015. Her grief has led to action: with other members of the community, she founded the organization Don’t Stall, Just Call.

Don’t Stall, Just Call

This organization doesn’t focus on stopping college drinking; instead, it’s focused on educating people about alcohol poisoning and helping people understand what to do in an alcohol poisoning situation. In a Times-Herald article in February, she explained it this way:

“What’s really important about all of this is that we, in the state of Pennsylvania, have medical amnesty. It applies for underage drinkers. If someone is in an emergency situation involving drugs or alcohol, the student caretaker can make the call – either 911 or campus specific security phone number, the caller and the victim will not get in trouble for underage drinking. You won’t have your license taken away and all that.”

All too often, college students suffer and even die because their friends are afraid to get in trouble. The Don’t Stall, Just Call mission is to educate students that they are protected when they call for help.

What you can do? The above bulletin can be made into signs for doors, magnets for off campus housing & cards for students wallets! No longer will any student say “they didn’t know.” These bulletins display Campus specific emergency phone numbers & note referencing Medical Amnesty, if applicable. All schools can have these-just reach out to out DSJC Facebook page and let them know!

Don’t Stall, Just Call offers resources, recommendations, and tips on how to handle excessive drinking incidents. At the moment, the organization is focusing primarily on colleges and universities in the Delaware Valley (not far from us here in Bridgeport), with hopes to eventually expand through the rest of the country.

We hope you’ll share Don’t Stall, Just Call with any college student in your life. If you look at one Philadelphia college — Temple University — there are 80 students a year admitted to Temple Hospital for alcohol poisoning alone. This message is critically important and needs to be shared. We hope you will do so.

You can learn more by visiting the website, following Don’t Stall, Just Call on Facebook, and of course you can help by donating here.

Mary Ciammetti in her office in Bridgeport.

League Central America: Helping Elmer Get Four Wheels


At League Central America, our production facility in El Salvador, we have a great team member that can use some help. Carly Gerstman tells us about Elmer.

Elmer Stanley Martinez is one of our handicapped employees,” she tells us. “He makes the labels that we sew into each of our shirts. He lives in our handicap residence, Villa League, which is very close to the factory and also studies engineering at our university every evening after work and on Saturdays.”

Elmer is confined to a wheelchair after an accident injured his spinal cord fifteen years ago. While Elmer loves working for League Central America, he also loves going home to visit his family. Carly say, “Unfortunately, it is very hard for him to go home on the weekends to his family because there is no handicap accessible public transportation in El Salvador.”

So the team at LCA decided to help. First, they created a GoFundMe page to help raise money to buy a car that he and his engineering friends can transform into a car that he can drive completely with his hands.


According to the GoFundMe page, Elmer’s family lives two hours away. In addition, he’s a star player of wheelchair basketball and his lack of transportation makes it difficult to get to practices as well.

We hope you’ll take a moment to read Elmer’s story and help him get a new car. Please consider supporting his fundraiser! Thank you.


5 Reasons You Should Get A Job While In College

foot patrol visits league
Recently, some members from our Foot Patrol team visited our Bridgeport facility.

It’s almost the fall semester — time to pack up and get ready to head to campus! Most college students are carefully scrutinizing their packing and shopping lists while also trying to get a handle on their fall class schedule.

There’s one other thing to consider: getting a college job. And guess what? We’re hiring for our League Foot Patrol Team too! Working during your college years offers so much to college students (and their future employers). Here are the reasons why you should consider getting a college job (and working for us).

Build Your Soft Skills

When you enter the workforce after graduation, you’ll need to stand above the crowd. Having a strong work history will help — even if the job is unrelated to your major. “Soft Skills” are about learning to work with other people effectively, and that is just what an employer is looking for.

Learn Hard Skills

“Hard Skills” are specific skills that you learn on the job. It can range from being able to update and manage a spreadsheet, to editing photos, writing, or any of the other things you can learn on the job. No matter what job you have, you will learn new skills — so having a job is paramount.

Our Foot Patrol team member from Syracuse University.
Our Foot Patrol team member from Syracuse University.

Boost Your Resume

There is absolutely no doubt that college graduates with a solid work history are more likely to be hired by employers. Having multiple positions to list on your resume will absolutely help your resume get to the top of the pile. If you want to stand out, get some work experience in during your college years.

As a member of our Foot Patrol, you'll get more of our excellent products.
As a member of our Foot Patrol, you’ll get more of our excellent products.

Extra Cash

College is expensive, and paying for the little extras can be challenging. If you want to be able to buy new clothes now and again or maybe eat dinner somewhere other than the dining hall, having a job will give you the freedom to do so. And if you don’t spend the money? You can build your savings to help you during your job hunt.

Time Management

If you have to balance a full course load, studying, writing papers AND a job, you’ll learn a great deal about how to manage your time effectively. Trust us when we tell you this is the absolute best skill you can have as an employee, and it will definitely impress your bosses after you graduate.

If you want to know more about working for League’s Foot Patrol, you can read all about the job here. Here are the schools where we’re hiring currently (and you can go here to apply; just scroll to the bottom):

Harvard University

University of Kansas


University of Wisconsin

Yale University

Southern Methodist University

Cornell University

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Our Foot Patrol team members at Penn State shared their experience of the 2016 THON on League’s blog!