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League’s Starting Line Up: Lauri Winters

Lauri Winters with Villanova’s Will D. Cat on College Colors Day this year.

It’s League’s Silver Anniversary, and we’re celebrating our 25th by honoring our longest running team members. Owners Drew Wolf and Larry Klebanoff grew League with good old fashioned hard work and determination. Inspired by the best of the all-American Lifestyle, League continues to be the collegiate sportswear company that you know and love today due to their resolve.

Tailgate Fashion Tips


College football is in full swing, and that means it’s time to get dressed up for the big game. If you’re headed to a fun college tailgate party, you’re probably wondering what to wear.

We have some great ideas, of course, and while we hope you’ll chose League to wear to the game, tailgate style is about more than just wearing your school colors.

Love Your School’s Traditions

One of the best parts of college is the team spirit and camaraderie you’ll experience with your fellow students when you’re supporting your school’s football team. So as you’re getting ready to show your team spirit, remember that every school has its own unique game day traditions. Here’s a tip: if you don’t have a student mentor to break it all down for you, check out the school hashtags on Instagram and you’ll get some great ideas. And there’s nothing wrong with putting your own spin on traditions, whether it’s by painting your face, nails, or even your hair to match your school colors! The main thing, of course, is to celebrate your college and have fun!

Image courtesy of @kimmyschups.
Image courtesy of @kimmyschups. Shared with permission.

Get Creative With Face Paint

The art of face painting has come a long way from just painting your face one or two colors. Now you’ll find all kinds of pretty and creative ways to use face paint to celebrate your school’s team. We highly recommend checking out this Pinterest collection of cute ways to paint your face for the big game!

Image from Pinterest.

Be Prepared To Jump Up And Down

When you’re enthusiastically supporting your team, you’ll find yourself jumping up and down in the stands. If you’re at the tailgate festivities, you’ll probably be on your feet and walking around quite a bit as well. If you want to enjoy the day instead of complaining about blisters, wear shoes that allow you to go nuts each time your team scores a touchdown!


Show Your Team Colors

You’ll naturally want to wear clothes that show your team spirit (and yes, we hope you’ll choose League). You can dress up a graphic tee with a smart jacket and a sharp necklace, and jeans tucked into some nice boots will finish that outfit perfectly. If you decide to go for a more casual look, you can wear a flannel shirt (that matches your school colors, of course) or a cute jean jacket over your graphic tee to keep you toasty. And don’t forget a school hoody is a great way to keep warm and show your team spirit too!


If you’re still not sure what to wear, you might enjoy this infographic that breaks down college football game fashion by region. We hope you found these tips helpful, and when you’re at your college bookstore, you’ll choose League for the big game!


League’s Starting Line Up, OneCoast Sales Team: Joan Rafalko

Rutgers University Bookstore is one of many Joan represents.

We are celebrating League Collegiate Outfitters’ 25th year of business by honoring the many people who helped get us where we are today. Of course owners Drew Wolf and Larry Klebanoff grew League with good old fashioned hard work and determination. League continues to be the collegiate sportswear company that you know and love today due to their resolve. But League had some help along the way — particularly from our sales team at OneCoast.

joanSince 2002, Joan Raflako has been one of those amazing people who has helped League grow. Her efforts working with bookstores both small and large in southern New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland has made a huge difference for League. According to her bio, “She is dedicated to giving “big school” service to prep schools, smaller colleges and universities.”

We asked Joan about her work with League — and of course we started by asking her about her favorite League products. “Love the blanket,” she said. “But anything and everything League fleece with appliqué!” We agree: our appliqué is second to none!

Because she works in the region around our Bridgeport location, we had to ask which local bookstore is her favorite to visit. “I love to go to Temple University,” She said. “Not only do I love the people I work with there, but the campus has so much energy — the students are very diverse, and there is always so much  activity  in the store, and in the student center where it is located.”

temple bookstore
League at the Temple University Bookstore.

Joan’s favorite quote states, “You have three choices every day — GIVE IN, GIVE UP, OR GIVE IT ALL YOU’ VE GOT!” It’s clear to us that Joan gives it all she’s got, each day. She told us her inspiration is her mother-in-law. “She continued to work into her eighties because she wanted a reason to get up, get dressed up and get out every day,” said Joan. “She just retired and relocated, but she said she was going to have to find a new purpose for her life — she can’t just stay home, because it will make her old.”

Drexel University Bookstore is another store Joan represents.

Joan is an empty nester, but she’s incredibly proud of her two boys Kevin and Shaun. Kevin lives nearby in New Jersey while Shaun moved across the country to California. Her favorite part of this last summer was having Shaun home for a visit. “He was home from LA for twelve days,” She told us. “We did the Philly/Jersey/Jersey Shore things he has come to appreciate so much since moving to the west coast. Made me appreciate again all the local things we have in this area, and anything and everything was fun having him home.”

Still, Joan is glad it’s fall and she’s back on campuses. “Seeing the kids on campus, or watching them pick up and admire clothing in bookstores  that I am partially responsible for — it really makes you feel good!” She said.

Thanks, Joan, for agreeing to be part of our 25th Anniversary celebration!