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Dorm Room Gourmet with a Microwave and a Mug


Are you craving late night snacks in your dorm room? Or maybe don’t want to get distracted during a studying session by heading out for a meal? Good news — we’ve got some great recipes for your dorm room — and all you need is a mug and a microwave!

League’s Starting Line Up: Mary Ciammetti

Mary and her husband Pat catching some rays together.

We are continuing to celebrate our Silver Anniversary (that’s 25 years!) by honoring the employees who have been part of our team the longest. Owners Drew Wolf and Larry Klebanoff grew League with good old fashioned hard work and determination Inspired by the best of the all-American Lifestyle, and League continues to be the collegiate sportswear company that you know and love today due to their resolve. But Drew and Larry had some help along the way. One of those folks is lovely Mary Ciammetti, one of our Accounting Specialists — and she’s been with League since 2003!