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Bad Study Habits To Give Up Before Midterms

We’re nearly halfway through the spring semester and midterms are fast approaching—so it’s time to focus. That doesn’t necessarily mean more studying; it can just mean hitting the books more effectively. If you want to boost your grades, here are some bad study habits to give up this March.

Crunching the Clock

It can be so easy to put it off until the last minute. But if you’re rushed, you’re probably not going to turn in your best work. Sure, some of us work best with the pressure of a deadline. But when you push everything off and then rush to catch up, there’s also no room for things like thoughtful revision, fact-checking, and proofreading. Try breaking the work down into manageable chunks to do daily instead. 

Taken by Madeline Hendricks, Brand Merchandiser at Penn State University.

Right Idea, Wrong Place

Where you study matters. You tend to study best where you think best—and won’t face a lot of distractions. Different people need different environments. Some need total silence. Others prefer the slight background activity of a coffee shop. Some study best in their rooms, others in libraries. Find the place where you feel you get your best work done and make that place your study spot.

Snapchat & Study

Your notifications are blowing up, but turn that phone over and keep working. According to a study from the University of California, Irvine it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task you interrupted. And you know how easy it can be to fall into responding to all those notifications and next thing you know, a half hour of study time is gone. Best to turn your phone off when you’re studying.

Study With Your Sidekicks

Yes, you’ve all got papers to do and midterms to study for—but you might not want to study together. Your college friends will be friends for decades; there’s no need to spend every minute hanging out together right now. If you find your friends are too much of a distraction, consider studying with others from your classes or alone instead.

Taken by Kira Foster, Brand Merchandiser at University of Maryland.

It’s never a bad time to give up poor study habits. Good luck on your midterms, and have fun on Spring Break!

Rotary International Honors LCA, says “League is a beacon, a light for the region”

When League Central America (LCA) started 8 years ago in Ciudad Arce, El Salvador, we knew we wanted to help the community around our production facility while also making our products. A key area we identified early on was education. In El Salvador, 18% of children don’t finish their public school education. We wanted to help.

We started small. First, we found volunteers to teach some of our labor force to read and write. This was very successful, and we knew it was time to further develop our education programs for our team members.

So we began offering classes that would allow staff to complete 1st to 6th grade, as well as daily English classes. Once again, the program was wildly successful. So we opened an all-day Saturday school offering from 7th grade to a GED (High School) degree.

Today, we have many employees that started in 1st grade and are now in 10th grade!  And now all of our staff has gone beyond 7th grade, so we may stop offering the lower classes. As General Manager of LCA Rodrigo Bolaños says, “I guess this is a good sign of progress!”

But we still weren’t done. We are so passionate about the future of our employees that in Spring of 2016 we started offering college degree programs. We partnered with one of the best colleges in the country, Universidad Don Bosco.

We started offering three degree programs: Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics Engineering. This year we added a degree in Software Development as well. A total of 131 brave employees are currently in our higher education program!

Two weeks ago, Rotary International recognized and awarded LCA for being the best company to mimic in El Salvador.  Rotary International President John Germ said that night, “League is a beacon, a light for the region.” We couldn’t be prouder.

We’ve found our programs have not only helped our employees — they have benefited LCA’s overall productivity as well. We’ve found that when employees are invested in being successful in life, this helps LCA deliver a better product.

Typical employee turnover in apparel manufacturing is 3-4% a month. But at LCA we have zero turnover, thanks to working with our team members to not only train for the work but to also help them develop a five year life plan.

We’re so proud of the hard work of the LCA college students, and our team at large. The communities around LCA are enjoying growth too, and everyone is doing something worthwhile. Best of all? These communities have become gang free.

As the team at LCA grows and changes, we will continue to develop programs that will help both LCA and the local community. Thank you, Rotary International, for recognizing our work!

How To Be Romantic on Valentine’s Day On A College Budget

Valentine’s day is tomorrow and your sweetie is expecting some fun, but you’re on a college budget—so what do you do? We’ve all been there. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of wonderful, romantic things you can do without breaking the bank. Here are some fun ideas.

Visit A Romantic Spot on Campus

Every campus has a sweet little spot that is just perfect for a romantic stroll or discussion. With a bit of research you can even find out the history of that place on your campus, and amuse your date with the story. We’ve assembled a few spots on campuses around the country you can check out too.

Plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Organize an event where several couples form teams and compete to find hidden clues and caches around campus. Or for something more intimate, plant a series of clues that lead your date to a romantic rendezvous you’ve set up in advance. This one requires some thought inventiveness and work, but can also be done fairly quickly—so you still have time!

Go to the Game and Hit a Food Truck

If your date has a passion for sports, it’s never a bad idea to go to a game! Is your team headed for March Madness? Then go root for your team with your date! In keeping with the low cost theme, you can get some pretty great food for dinner from a food truck (here are some apps that can help you find one nearby).

Make a Handmade Card To Give with Candies or Flowers

This is a classic! Don’t underestimate the power of a handcrafted message of love. You can find some great tutorials to make Valentine’s cards here, and it’s fairly easy to get inexpensive flowers at grocery stores. To make the bouquet more meaningful, check out these old-fashioned flower definitions!

Ultimately, of course, what really matters is being together. Enjoy the day!