7 Steps To Finding Your Ideal Summer Internship

Internships for college students are wonderful opportunities to learn new skills, explore your interests, and apply your classroom knowledge to the real world. The right internship can help you fine tune your career path while building relationships with other professionals.

So how do you find the internship that’s perfect for you? Your college can offer assistance, but it’s a good idea to do research on your own as well. Here’s what you should consider when choosing where to apply.

Job Skills and Experience

Some internships might look great on the surface because they are at a popular organization, but will that internship really give you skills you’ll need in your future work? If not, keep looking.


Do you want to work full time, or part time? Do you want a paid internship or unpaid? Paid internships are more competitive, but can help you boost your savings, but an unpaid internship that fits your needs exactly is worth exploring. You can always consider interning part time so you can also have a paying job.

Our interns have fun AND work hard.

Prep Your Materials

Polish up that resumé, write a killer cover letter, and gather up your references before you apply. Here’s a great guide for getting your resume in perfect shape. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, and make sure your profile photo looks professional and isn’t of you having fun. 


If you aren’t already applying, it’s time to get started. Glassdoor is a great place to research companies and find internships, as is LinkedIn. and where you can get noticed by companies in your field. Your Turn Intern, Idealist, and Internships are also great resources. 

Your college internships will teach you so much about what you can do (and perhaps even a fair amount of what you shouldn’t do, as well). The work you do and the memories you create during your internship will stick with you forever. Good luck!

Our summer 2016 interns doing a photoshoot wearing League.