The Life Of A League Order

When you walk into your college bookstore and purchase a League style, chances are you don’t think much about how that product arrived there. Getting your favorite League merchandise into the store is a process, and each step of the way you’ll find dedicated League team members making sure your favorite hoody or tee arrives for you to buy.

Let’s take a journey through the League ordering process!

It starts with our Sales Team!

Members of OneCoast sales team visiting League headquarters.

League is partnered with the OneCoast Collegiate & Custom Sales Team who works with our customers to show them our amazing line and write orders. Once these orders are complete, Sales Reps will enter orders into our ordering system.

Next to our Account Managers

Processing an order.

Next orders are transmitted electronically from our Sales Team to our office in Bridgeport.  This is where our customer service Account Managers spring into action. Account Managers review and approve orders, making sure the garments, colors, and art instructions follow guidelines. Account managers work closely with the Sales Rep, Art, Licensing and our customers to ensure goods are exactly as ordered.

Off to the Art Department

Kristy working on a design.

The Art Team is made up of screen print and embroidery production artists who will then work on art so that proper logos are used as specified by the buyer.  Production artists work from unique League designs created by our Marketing Art Team.  Artists prepare art that goes to our Licensing Department to make sure school logos are properly used and then back to our Account Managers who will send to the buyer for their seal of approval. Once approvals from buyers and licensing are complete, the order goes into production.

Test samples in the art department.

Production’s Turn

Our Production Team includes screen printers, ink managers, screen builders and cleaners, embroidery techs and finishers, art dark room members, inventory pullers and of course quality control.

An embroidery order where letters are being sewn on to the garment.
Folding and ticketing printed shirts after they come out of the dryer.

Shipping out the door

After the order is produced, the Shipping Team takes over.  Orders are packed into League boxes where the shipping department weighs each box, includes the proper proper paperwork and they tapes the finished product.  Transportation companies come to our loading dock a few times a day to ensure League is on its way to your local fan store or bookstore for purchase!

Shipping Supervisor Darryl and Inventory team member Greg pose with skids of boxes for shipping.



New Concept Shop at The University Bookstore for University of Wisconsin, Madison

We have partnered with the The University Bookstore at University of Wisconsin-Madison to bring a touch of League’s Ivy League style to a concept shop for our products within the store.

Take a look!


The University Bookstore has a history of creating beautiful displays, including our League products, so we were excited to work on this project to create a truly impressive space. Here’s how it looked before our collaboration:

Before view of one portion of the store that features League products.
Another view of the store before the transformation.


Color and style changes really make League products pop!
It’s all about the details to create that classic Ivy League feel.
Changes in wall color, a few photos, and great lighting help League products shine.
Go Badgers!
A bigger view of the League Concept Shop!

Thanks to The University Bookstore and our team members here at League that made this concept shop possible. We can’t wait for the Class of 2021 to get their Badger gear!

Stay Sharp Over College Summer Break With These Five Podcasts

How can you stay sharp and learn new things for free, anywhere you go? Podcasts! Podcasts are like vintage radio shows and can be found on nearly any subject. From in-depth explorations into crimes to discovering the latest news in your area of study, you’ll find highly entertaining shows that you can download and listen to on road trips, at the gym, or vacation at the beach!

Here a few recommendations to get you started, including some of our League team favorites!

League Account Manager Megan Tomlinson loves podcasts.

Myths & Legends:

The unique Myths & Legends weekly podcast offers a deep exploration into the stories that have shaped humanity. You’ll learn a totally new way to look at history, and even discover how gruesome your favorite fairy tale was in its original form.

Girl Boss:

Our League Brand Merchandiser for University of South Carolina Taylor Kitchen is on the fast track to being a girl boss.

Before there was the Netflix series, there was GirlBoss Radio. Created by entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, this podcast features hilarious and smart interviews with young women entrepreneurs.

Let’s Know Things:

Want a deeper dive into things you hear on the news? On “Let’s Know Things,” host Colin Wright takes a current news story and “unspools” it to highlight aspects being left out of the story. A great way to return to class fully informed!

How To Do Everything:

Created by two of the producers of NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” (another podcast worth checking out), How To Do Everything hosts Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag take how-to questions from listeners and then tell them ways to achieve their goal. These guys cover everything from how to open Velcro quietly to planning the perfect wedding!

Podcasts are a great way to learn beyond the text book.

All In The Mind:

On the Australian podcast All In The Mind, host Natasha Mitchell dives deep into aspects of psychology, brain chemistry, and human behavior. Even if you aren’t  majoring in psychology, this podcast will teach you how to be a good leader and understand what motivates people.

My Favorite Murder:

Listen in as hosts and true crime enthusiasts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark delve deep into their favorite real life mysteries on My Favorite Murder. Many of our own League employees are big fans of their light commentary!

With these podcasts, you can head back to campus this fall with your mind sharp and full of new information! We hope you find them as helpful as we do.

League Account Team Manager Tori Santangelo is a podcast fan!