College Binge Drinking: Don’t Stall, Just Call!

Photo courtesy of Don’t Stall, Just Call.

College drinking is all too common. The National Institute of Health states:

“According to a national survey, almost 60 percent of college students ages 18–22 drank alcohol in the past month, and almost 2 out of 3 of them engaged in binge drinking during that same time frame.”

Binge drinking often leads to alcohol poisoning. Drinking too much too quickly can affect your ability to breath, your heart rate, your body temperature, and your gag reflex. This can potentially lead to a coma and death. Just four to five drinks per sitting can cause alcohol poisoning.

No one is more aware of this than Mary Ciammetti, founder of the non-profit Don’t Stall, Just Call. She launched her foundation in the Philadelphia area after losing her youngest son Christian to alcohol poisoning during his junior year of college. By the time paramedics arrived to Christian’s dorm room, it was too late. Tragically, he became another college student who lost his life to binge drinking.

Don’t Stall, Just Call is focused not on preventing college drinking, but on educating college students about two things: the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and amnesty laws that prevent students from getting in trouble if they call for help while participating in underage drinking and partying. Here’s a list of the states that currently offer medical amnesty.  The Mayo Clinic has a more detailed list here as well.

Remember, if your state has medical amnesty, no one will get in trouble!  That means the person who is in danger or the person(s) making the call for help!  Medical amnesty saves lives!

Make sure you know how to dispatch help on campus for your friends if they need it. Also, it is important to be aware of the signs of alcohol poisoning:  stumbling, mumbling, cool to the touch, unresponsive, vomiting.  If any of these signs are present, be on the safe side, Don’t Stall—Just Call!

New League Concept Shop at Penn State Bookstore

League came home to Pennsylvania at the Penn State Bookstore to set up their new concept shop. Founded in 1855, Pennsylvania State University has 24 campuses around the state offering a full range of degrees and programs. The Nittany Lions  have also won several collegiate sports titles to make them a perennial sports fan favorite!

Excited to have the opportunity to design a concept shop featuring League at the on-campus bookstore,  we came up with a nifty new space!

Vintage photos and the lyrics of the Alma Mater fight song celebrate the spirit of Penn State.


A pair of nesting tables grace the entrance to the League concept shop.


League mannequins bring a touch of Ivy League style to the bookstore.


League signage make four-way racks stand out.


Thanks to Penn State Bookstore for partnering with us!

League’s Starting Line Up, LCA Edition: Manuel Hernandez

At League, we believe in creating styles that not only look good, they do good. This is why we make many of our own products at our company-owned, social conscious facility League Central America (LCA), located in El Salvador.

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our LCA team members, Manuel Hernandez. ManueI has been working for LCA for six years. “I came here after living in the United States for eight years,” he said. “In Miami, I got a second chance at life when I was treated for Leukemia. I always ask myself how God wants me to act, and when I returned to El Salvador, I knew it was my duty to help those in need.”

Manuel laughing with a colleague.

At LCA, that’s exactly what he does. “I started at League managing the program for ex-gang rehabilitation,” he said. “With the second chances that the company offers, I’ve become very close with people with needs, like our handicapped and homeless employees. I consider these League team members like Fernel, Rony, and many other like my family.”

Manuel helping Rony into the van.

He finds working with team members at League deeply satisfying. “It brings me great happiness to help these people by bringing them to doctor’s appointments, and getting their medicines, and to be on-call for whenever they need me.”

Manuel also has a big family. “I’m blessed with a great family. I have six children, some of whom work for League,” he said. “My children have allowed me to share my values with them, and they’ve taken on the responsibility to also helps others.”

Manuel values working at LCA. “League is a factory with many opportunities, and this is the new El Salvador for me and for anyone that wants to excel.” Thanks for being such a great part of the LCA team, Manuel!

Manuel with José on the production floor at LCA.