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League Loves Local Bridgeport Business!


The team at our Bridgeport offices is working hard on our fall back-to-school orders. When they get hungry, League team members turn to local businesses to keep them going strong while getting the work done. One of their local favorites is the Palm Tree Market, so we’re spotlighting them today.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

Palm Tree Market

Palm Tree

Our team can’t stop raving about the delicious offerings at the Palm Tree Market. Known for their fresh take on the local corner store and deli, you’ll find the best sandwiches and salads here.

The Palm Tree Market opened in 2011, and is managed by Fenny Lie and Joseph Cho for owner Chung Park. By offering a mix of classic deli items, such as the old standby the Italian Hoagie, you’ll also find things such as the Veggie Chicken Hoagie, fresh produce, fresh bagels, and more.

The first Palm Tree Market was in Old City, Philadelphia. In an article when the store opened, Joseph Cho discussed why they opened in Bridgeport. “People around here deserve healthy food and don’t need to drive far to get it,” he said. “They are telling us they really want these products, and basic things like very fresh produce, eggs, without having to drive to the big supermarket.”

So why does our team love Palm Tree Market so much? Let them tell you.

Megan McCloskey, production artist, is a fan. “My favorite is the veggie wrap (spinach basil wrap option) with  swiss cheese and an INKO white tea,” she says. “They also have amazing La Colombe Coffee.” Darryl Jackson, our Shipping Supervisor, loves Palm Tree Market. “Two of my favorites at the Palm Tree Market are the Grilled chicken Avocado salad and the Cajun turkey Panini,” he tells us.

Production Artist Stephanie Price raves about Palm Tree Market. “Palm Tree has the best of everything – salads, sandwiches, wraps, breakfast, and more.” She even dares to say Palm Tree is better than Philly area favorite, Wawa Markets. “A few of my favorites from Palm are  Palm Tree salad, chicken caesar wrap, turkey and swiss on rye with Russian dressing, American hoagie, and their croissant french toast!”

Dylan Platt, another Production Artist, loves the paninis. “Mozzarella and roasted pepper panini with basil,” is his favorite. Our Merchandising Manager Meredith Mitchell enjoys the sandwiches, “Especially the veggie Sandwich on whole grain bread!” Last but not least, Production staff member Chucky Chhun chimes in, “The roast beef sandwich is the best!”

You’ll find the Palm Tree Market at 54 W 4th St in Bridgeport, PA. You can call ahead at (484) 818-7124. Good eating!

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League’s March Madness 2016: The Final Four


final fourIt’s that time of year! The best of 2016’s college basketball teams are in the midst of March Madness. We’re down to the final four, with Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Syracuse ready to play on April 2nd. Naturally we’re also fully suffering from March Madness here at League, so we asked around the water cooler to see who is in everyone’s brackets.

Image courtesy of Kansas University.
Image courtesy of Kansas University.

The “Darkroom Crew” isn’t as big a fan of Nova as the rest of us. They were betting the final four would be Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Virginia. Well, they were half right! They predict the championship game will be Oklahoma vs. North Carolina, with Oklahoma winning it all. 


Lauren Conaway, League’s brand new Human Resources Manager (welcome, Lauren!) said, “I am a St. Joe’s grad and would have loved to see them going all the way. Rooting for Nova is still a little hard.” (Yes, Villanova and St. Joseph University are local rivals). In the Sweet Sixteen she rooted for KansasOregon, and Gonzaga (all made it that far) but her last team was West Virginia. Sorry Lauren! Can you root for Nova now?

Image courtesy of GoZags.
Image courtesy of GoZags.

Larry McLaughlin, our Purchasing Manager, has only one team on his mind. “All in on Nova!” he said. We are right there with him.

Image courtesy of Villanova Wildcats.
Image courtesy of Villanova Wildcats.

Eddie Dwyer, our Accounting/Finance Manager, says “My son Kevin has a Physics degree from Maryland and is now in his 7th year of graduate school there in a PhD program for Material Science and Engineering. He is a huge sports fan, especially Maryland basketball…so you can tell who my wife and I are rooting for!” Sorry you got your heart broke, Eddie!

Image courtesy of University of Maryland.
Image courtesy of University of Maryland.

Most of us are pinning our hopes on the fantastic Villanova Wildcats because they are our local team, but we’re still cheering on the Sooners, Tar Heels, and Orange! Good luck to the teams playing Saturday!

This summer, Will D. Cat stopped by League Bridgeport and found our new cropped tee!
This summer, Will D. Cat stopped by League Bridgeport and found our new cropped tee!

League Loves Local Bridgeport Businesses!

League Loves Local Businesses (1)

When the designs are flowing and the orders are rolling in, League team members turn to local businesses to keep them from going hungry while getting the work done. We thought we’d feature two of the most popular local eateries for League staff — Taphouse 23 and Dino’s Pizza.

We asked our team members to share their favorite dish from these two League hotspots. Get ready to be hungry!

Dino’s Pizza & Pasta

Lauri Winters, Director of Administration/ Sales & Marketing, enjoys breakfast from Dino’s. “Dino’s Breakfast Pizza with eggs, bacon, ham and cheese,” She says. “There is nothing like it!”

Darryl Jackson, Shipping Supervisor, prefers lunch from Dino’s. He’s all about the Meatball Parmigiana Grinder.

Dylan Platt, Production Artist,  keeps it simple. “Can’t go wrong with cheese pizza from Dino’s,” he states. He also likes the Zep sandwhich with salami.

Jillian Skovran, Graphic Designer, loves Dino’s Cheese Calzone and the Garlic Knots. “They are big enough for a couple meals,” she says. “And cheesy enough to make any cheese lover happy!”

Stephanie Price, Production Artist, seconds the Garlic Knots. “The garlic knots, fries, and any pizza at Dino’s are amazing,” She says. “Their pizza dough is perfectly soft with crispy crust and topped off with the right amount of sauce and cheese!”

Taphouse 23

Darryl Jackson likes it hot at Taphouse 23 — he recommends the Hot Buffalo Wings.

Stephanie Price is all about the appetizers. “My favorites are the cheese steak egg rolls, pot stickers, and the beer battered onion rings,” She says. “The garlic aioli is addictive.”

Jillian Skovran seconds the cheese steak egg rolls, but adds a few favorites. “Love the Mac & Cheese with Crab!”

Dylan Platt says, “Burgers are classic,  but the grilled cheese is pretty fantastic.”

Stephanie Harvey, Account Manager, offers up a bit of Taphouse 23 trivia. “Fun fact: we printed some of the uniforms for Taphouse staff!” She says. “My favorite thing from Taphouse is their cheesesteak egg rolls, paired with a crisp craft beer, and chillin’ on their huge patio! One of the few places in the area with nice outdoor seating.”

Lauri Winters sticks with the green stuff. “Chicken Cobb Salad is the best around town!” She says.

You can easily find Dino’s and Taphouse 23 just up the road from League’s Bridgport location. Show them some love!

Taphouse 23: 266 E. 4th, Bridgeport, PA.  (610) 277-2323

Dino’s Pizza & Pasta: 101 E. 4th Street, Bridgeport, PA. 610) 272-1350