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Become A #League91 Campus Rep!

Become a part of League! If you are interested in the above position, please fill out an application here and email a copy of your resume along with a one page PDF of your social media portfolio to

Work For League: The Best Job on Campus!

League is offering a unique opportunity to college students seeking a fun job while in school. Gain marketing and merchandising experience through our Brand Merchandising Program on a campus near you!

This paid, part-time, on-campus opportunity is a great stepping stone for anyone looking to get into the fashion or marketing industries.  We are looking for enthusiastic, creative, and reliable students to help raise brand awareness on campus.

Our Brand!

The League Showroom. Find these items at the Penn Bookstore.

League Collegiate Outfitters is a lifestyle brand that is inspired by the iconic looks of the Ivy League. We honor the rich heritage of the universities and institutions that have come before us. We’re known for vintage-inspired designs, iconic logos, and for the all-around American classic aesthetic. We’re based in Philadelphia where an appreciation for history comes with the turf.

As a Brand Merchandiser, you will represent League through merchandising at your campus bookstore and participating in marketing challenges. You’ll gain valuable real-life experience in merchandising, sales, marketing, and advertising.


A few members of the 2016 Foot Patrol Team
  • Collaborate with your campus store to receive in, replenish, and merchandise League product in store displays
  • Take before-and-after photos to create a recap of your in-store work day
  • Build retail relationships with the management team at the store
  • Provide exceptional service to store customers and employees
  • Compete in bi-weekly marketing challenges on campus
  • Each month, submit a picture that incorporates the League brand with your University to be featured on our social media
  • Offer feedback to League’s Design & Development Team about new products and trends you see on campus through surveys and conference calls
  • Wear, promote, and represent the League brand around your campus!


To be a League Brand Merchandiser, you need to be self-motivated, outgoing, and energetic!  Social media and retail experience are a definite plus!


Photo by Taylor Kitchen, a 2016 League Foot Patrol Member.
  • Valuable merchandising, marketing, and advertising experience
  • League Swag
  • Chance to be featured on our social media
  • First look at new internships and career openings at League


  • Grand Valley State University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Princeton University
  • UC Davis
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Houston
  • University of Washington
  • USF, Tampa
  • Washington State University
  • West Chester University
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Photo by 2016 University of Delaware Foot Patrol member Lia Pignotti.

Suit Up: Dressing For Job Interview Success

The semester is over and graduation is here! While you’re celebrating your accomplishments, you’re also facing a new challenge: finding a great job. This means it’s time to up your interview game by polishing your resume and finding the perfect interview outfit.

Dressing for success is critical, even in today’s more casual workplaces, so your interview outfit needs to be on point. However, there are different standards for both industries and office dress codes. So we asked our own Lauren Conaway, League’s Human Resources Manager, for some suggestions.

Lauren at her desk here at League.

“I’ve had people show up to interviews looking as if they’ve just rolled out of bed,” Lauren said. “My Mom always said don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. This saying still rings true for me to this day.”

So what does Lauren suggest? “League has a very relaxed dress code, but I still think it is extremely important to represent yourself in a professional manner especially during an interview,” she said.  “This is the first time a candidate is meeting Human Resources, the Hiring Manager, and other members of the League team.  The candidate should convey to everyone that they take this opportunity very seriously and that it is important to them. ”

Button down shirts are perfect.

This means dressing up for your interview. “If a candidate can’t muster up the energy to put their best foot forward on the first meeting, it does give an indication of the type of worker the candidate is going to be,” Lauren continued. “We look for dynamic individuals that can contribute on an individual as well as team level.  We look for candidates that have great attitudes, want to contribute to the League team, and will feel a sense of pride for the work that they are producing.”

Take the time to do a little extra studying so you can show up at your interview ready to have your skills stand out instead of your outfit.

There are many different office attire expectations, but smart casual, business casual, and business professional seem to be the most popular in many companies. So, how can you tell the difference and dress accordingly for your interview?

He’s interview ready.

“Smart” Casual

As Lauren mentioned earlier, League is a casual office. However, that doesn’t mean you should show up to an interview in a hoodie and old sneakers. We advise most of our interviewees to dress “smart casual,” a step just below business casual. Your best bet is a  pair of black slacks or khakis with a clean button down shirt. From there, add some flats or dress shoes and accessorize to your liking. If it’s chillier, layer a sweater over your button down for the ultimate preppy look!

Business Casual

Now it’s time to start thinking a little dressier. With a business casual dress code, make sure to grab your blazer! You can recycle the slacks and button down shirt, but add a tie or some heels to really enhance the look. If you’d prefer, a dress or skirt does the trick too! Of course, add some of your personal flair to this look with fun colors or patterns to give the interviewer a look into your own personality.

Business Professional

If required to dress business professional, you need to pull out the suits. This is the strictest of dress codes, and while some personal expression can be achieved, it’s best to stick solid colors, (usually dark navy or black), and clean styles.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to succeed. Good luck with the job search!