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The Life Of A League Order

When you walk into your college bookstore and purchase a League style, chances are you don’t think much about how that product arrived there. Getting your favorite League merchandise into the store is a process, and each step of the way you’ll find dedicated League team members making sure your favorite hoody or tee arrives for you to buy.

Let’s take a journey through the League ordering process!

It starts with our Sales Team!

Members of OneCoast sales team visiting League headquarters.

League is partnered with the OneCoast Collegiate & Custom Sales Team who works with our customers to show them our amazing line and write orders. Once these orders are complete, Sales Reps will enter orders into our ordering system.

Next to our Account Managers

Processing an order.

Next orders are transmitted electronically from our Sales Team to our office in Bridgeport.  This is where our customer service Account Managers spring into action. Account Managers review and approve orders, making sure the garments, colors, and art instructions follow guidelines. Account managers work closely with the Sales Rep, Art, Licensing and our customers to ensure goods are exactly as ordered.

Off to the Art Department

Kristy working on a design.

The Art Team is made up of screen print and embroidery production artists who will then work on art so that proper logos are used as specified by the buyer.  Production artists work from unique League designs created by our Marketing Art Team.  Artists prepare art that goes to our Licensing Department to make sure school logos are properly used and then back to our Account Managers who will send to the buyer for their seal of approval. Once approvals from buyers and licensing are complete, the order goes into production.

Test samples in the art department.

Production’s Turn

Our Production Team includes screen printers, ink managers, screen builders and cleaners, embroidery techs and finishers, art dark room members, inventory pullers and of course quality control.

An embroidery order where letters are being sewn on to the garment.
Folding and ticketing printed shirts after they come out of the dryer.

Shipping out the door

After the order is produced, the Shipping Team takes over.  Orders are packed into League boxes where the shipping department weighs each box, includes the proper proper paperwork and they tapes the finished product.  Transportation companies come to our loading dock a few times a day to ensure League is on its way to your local fan store or bookstore for purchase!

Shipping Supervisor Darryl and Inventory team member Greg pose with skids of boxes for shipping.



League’s Starting Line Up: Meet Catherine Podlogar

Catherine works on props for a League concept shop.

We enjoy celebrating our team members, because they make League great! For the last twenty-six years, League has grown with good old fashioned hard work and determination. Inspired by the best of the all-American lifestyle, League continues to be the collegiate-wear company you know and love. Today we’re honoring a newer team member bringing a breath of fresh air to League.

We’d like to introduce Catherine Podlogar, who joined us in August of last year. She’s bringing her entrepreneurial spirit to our Brand Merchandiser program as our Retail Program Coordinator.

When asked about her proudest accomplishment during her time with League so far, she said, “It’s an accumulation of a bunch of smaller things all contributing to our Campus Brand Merchandising program. Building out this program to include more marketing tactics and mainstreaming everything to run more efficiently and effectively has been very rewarding.”

It’s no surprise she works in the apparel industry. “In middle school, I wanted to be a fashion designer,” she stated. “I’d sketch dresses all day long and read up on all kinds of successful designers. One year, I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I taught myself how to sew! I’ve made a few dresses, purses, and my bedroom curtains. Now, although I am not involved in the design process here, I do enjoy seeing what the designers are working on.”

Catherine donating her hair!

Catherine says her favorite aspect of working at League is “Coffee! Ha, just kidding, but I really do appreciate the coffee here. I love that my work space is situated between two amazing boss ladies! It is so inspiring to have women in the workplace to look up to, get advice from, and laugh with.”

She enjoys traveling for League and visiting campuses, but hopes to do more exploring on her own as well. “I’ve always wanted to visit Utah,” she told us. “The canyons always look so magnificent in pictures I’ve seen, I can’t even imagine what it’d be like in person. Ideally, I’d plan a trip and see The Mighty 5: Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Zion National Park.

Naturally, we had to ask about her favorite League products. “I love all of the new Vineyard Terry Collection and can’t wait to really get my hands on it! But I must admit, I do live in the Vintage Wash Long Sleeve Pocket Tee when I’m home.”

When relaxing at home, Catherine says, “I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but for whatever reason I plan my Monday nights around The Bachelor. It’s terrible. I know.”

Catherine has been inspired by many people in her life. She comments, “My parents have always pushed me to explore things that I’m interested in. Whether it was fashion designing in middle school, architecture and engineering in high school, or marketing and psychology in college.” She adds, “But I really owe it to them for making me look at their old stomping grounds, Marquette University. I think attending college in the Midwest really shaped me to who I am today and I wouldn’t be anywhere without my amazing support group of 16 hilarious, genuine, and ambitious women.”

Catherine, Meredith Mitchell and Lauren Brown visit Cornell.

We are glad to have Catherine as part of our team! Thanks for being a great addition to League.

League Gets In The Spirit: Giving Tuesday



We enjoyed Black Friday and typed our fingers numb on Cyber Monday, and now it’s the best day of the year: Giving Tuesday. And just like Black Friday sales help retail businesses move into the “black”, Giving Tuesday can also help nonprofit organizations tip over into meeting their fundraising goals for the year.