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League Gets In The Spirit: Giving Tuesday



We enjoyed Black Friday and typed our fingers numb on Cyber Monday, and now it’s the best day of the year: Giving Tuesday. And just like Black Friday sales help retail businesses move into the “black”, Giving Tuesday can also help nonprofit organizations tip over into meeting their fundraising goals for the year.

League Central America Welcomes European Union Ambassadors and College Licensing Visitors

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League Central America had the pleasure of welcoming several esteemed visitors to our factory recently. Joining us was Jaume Segura, the Ambassador and Head of Delegation in El Salvador at the European Union, as well as Sira Abenoza, Director at the Center for Research and Application of Social Solutions. In addition, members of Canisius College and the Licensing group from Notre Dame also came to visit the League Central America manufacturing facility.

2016.03.31 - Visita Union Europea y BID 195

They’d heard about the many initiatives and amazing programs at League Central America and were interested in learning more. “We came to league because we started a program as a catholic university that we believe any products that carry our name and our logo on have to reflect our values,” said John Affleck-Graves, Executive Vice President of the Notre Dame Licensing Committee. “Every worker that produces an item with our logo on it must be treated with honor and dignity. That’s why we’re here.”

“We’ve heard this is one of the best factories in the world, and we wanted to see it and see what you do.”

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General Manager of League Central America Rodrigo Bolaños and Engineer Xavier Figueroa spoke of the many ways League Central America is an innovative and unusual industrial company, and how the many programs at League Central America has created much potential for growth.

The attendees at the meeting heard testimonies from League team members, such as Juan Flores. Juan told his story about how League helped him find a new start after being a gang member from the age of 11, and how his life has changed for the better since working at league.

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Oswaldo Sandoval is one of our graduated students from the school at Ciudad Obrera. He spoke about how thankful he and the other students are for the opportunity of employment given by League for a chance to become a professional.

“We’re very, very impressed,” said Mr. Affleck-Graves. “While it’s really important that people earn a living to help their families, what I’m most impressed with how League wants to educate them and how they are involved in the local community. It’s important to us that the person in the job has dignity, the person has an opportunity to grow and better themselves with education, and then live in a community that is looked after and is better. I congratulate everyone on their tremendous efforts, and League is really inspiring.”

League Central America, while of course being a company that is dedicated to textile production and exports its products to many universities in the United States, is also committed to fair trade practices and building a better community. We were honored to welcome these visitors to League!

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In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

MLK-league-college-outfittersToday the nation honors a true inspiration and hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His bravery and activism ushered in amazing changes to our country.

What some might not know is his thoughts on college and education. Interestingly, he wrote a paper in 1947 while attending Morehouse College that spoke directly to his beliefs regarding the role colleges and university play in society.

He believed college should be not only about teaching critical thinking, but instilling good character as well.

We must remember that intelligence is not enough. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate. The broad education will, therefore, transmit to one not only the accumulated knowledge of the race but also the accumulated experience of social living.

Today we honor Dr. King’s memory with a day of service — which seems like the perfect way to honor his dream of building character.

League Collegiate Outfitters contributes to the MLK Day of Service in small ways; we are one of many sponsors of Greater Philadelphia King Day of Service, and we help with the costs of creating over 40,000 shirts for Global Citizen 365 to be worn while doing service on Martin Luther King Day.

We are proud to honor Dr. King’s memory today.

The tee you'll see all over the Philadelphia area during the Day of Service.
The tee you’ll see all over the Philadelphia area during the Day of Service.