Dorm Room Gourmet with a Microwave and a Mug


Are you craving late night snacks in your dorm room? Or maybe don’t want to get distracted during a studying session by heading out for a meal? Good news — we’ve got some great recipes for your dorm room — and all you need is a mug and a microwave!

Before we dive in, one quick point: be sure to check your school’s appliance policy before heading out to buy a microwave. No matter how hungry you might be, it’s still important to comply with your school’s rules!

Yes, you can use your microwave for a host of things including pre-made meals and heating up that cup of coffee you let get cold. But you can also do so much more by simply having a handful of ingredients available. Here are our favorite recipes.

Mug Desserts

Want something sweet and gooey and warm? With just a handful of ingredients — such as this recipe that only calls for Nutella, flour, and eggs — you can whip up a delicious treats in minutes. Here’s ten different mug cakes you can make in your microwave.

Image courtesy of @wiltoncakes on Instagram.
Image courtesy of @wiltoncakes on Instagram.

Mug Omelettes

Want something delicious and healthy that’s savory? You can easily whip up a mug quiche in the microwave too. Just toss eggs, milk, shredded cheese and some veggies into your mug, stir it up, and microwave for a delicious “omelette.”

Mug Lasagne

Yes, really. This one is a two-step process but still only requires a handful of ingredients to make a reality. Perfectly warm and fresh lasagna is easy in the microwave! Check out the recipe here.


Mug Muffin

Imagine a warm, delicious, ready to eat muffin in just 90 seconds. Perfect for those days you’re late for class and just need a quick breakfast! Here’s the recipe for blueberry muffins, but if you don’t want to keep perishable fruit in your room you can easily use dried berries or even chocolate chips instead. Here’s the recipe.

Mug Quiche

Eggs, cheese, and some veggies mixed up in a mug makes an excellent and healthy dinner or lunch! And you can easily use frozen veggies, so you don’t have to worry about always keeping fresh veggies at hand. Great way to be healthy in a snap! Get your starter recipe here, but you can adapt as you see fit.


Yep — it’s a burrito you cook in a microwave in your mug! You simply line your mug with a tortilla (ridiculously cheap at the grocery store) and add in your ingredients! For breakfast, use eggs and cheese and top it with salsa or sour cream. For dinner, canned refried beans (will keep forever in the fridge, by the way) with cheese topped with salsa and maybe some sour cream is perfect! Here’s a great starter recipe. If you’re worried about your tortilla getting chewy in the microwave, you can fight that by putting the ingredients in the mug and cooking them, then wrap the burrito in a slightly damp paper town and give it a quick heat up (15 seconds or so) and then building your burrito! Yum.

Image courtesy of Instagram user @stompgal87.
Image courtesy of Instagram user @stompgal87.

For the record, if you want to make a recipe to share or are extra hungry, you can easily swap out your mug for a bowl and make a bigger serving (just cook it a bit longer!). We hope these recipes help you stay fed, sharp, and focused while you are at college and studying. Bon Appétit!