Great Resources For New College Students

It can take a bit to adjust to campus life and get acclimated to the environment and culture of college. Plus you’re on your own for the first time, so there’s a lot to learn that’s not part of your classes. Now that you’ve settled in a bit and have adapted to your new schedule, you might find these resources beneficial.

Time Management

With the increased freedom of college life comes the increased responsibility for time management, and as a college student, you have many new deadlines to juggle. Apps like Evernote or 2Do to help you manage your coursework and your class and exam schedule, so you never have to sweat a deadline or cram for a test.


Now that you’re on your own, you’ll have to manage your finances. That means budgeting for housing, groceries, utilities, school supplies and texts, and of course, fun. Apps like Learnvest, Mint, and Slice can help you make all your bills on time, and even have something left over for savings.


Locating abundant deals and discounts offered by retailers to college students is always helpful. Sites like DealHack or GiftCard Granny can help you get money-saving discounts on everything from clothing and furniture to travel, insurance, and tech.

Recipes & Dining

Even if you’re on your college’s full meal plan, you’ll still need to hunt down affordable meal options on weekends and off-hours when the dining commons are closed. Or maybe you enjoy cooking and want to download some easy-to-prepare recipes. Apps like My Recipe Book, Epicurious, CookPad can help you discover easy-to-prepare nutritious meals that fit your budget.


Chances are your college or university has a gym or fitness center available to its students. But are you aware of all the fitness options open to you. In addition to gym or training facilities, many schookls have swimming pools, tennis courts, intramural teams, and even rowing or kayaking facilities. Check your campus  website and discover all the options available to you.

Managing Stress

Adjusting to the demands and responsibilities of college life can be stressful. Issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and addiction are not uncommon on campus and can hold you back from achieving your goals. Don’t suffer in silence. If you need help, seek out your campus counseling services offices. There, trained professionals can help you get centered again.

Photo by Rachael Wolfe, League Campus Rep for Kutztown.