Here’s How To Beat The Winter Blues on Campus

Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania’s famous groundhog, saw his shadow last week, and that means six more weeks of winter. If you find yourself feeling a bit blue as you walk across campus, we get it. Winters are cold, grey, and long. But we’ve got some great suggestions to help you beat back the winter blues and keep your energy up to make it to midterms and spring break!

Here are some ideas to try.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Because there’s so much less daylight during the winter months, it can be challenging to get regular sleep. Being tired can make the winter blues feel worse, so making sure you’re getting your eight hours is important. Try to get up when the sun is up, too, so you can get as much daylight as possible.

Pace Your Workload

At this point in the semester, your workload is starting to grow with papers due and midterms to prepare for. When you’ve got the winter blues it can be pretty easy to let the work pile up, but then you add stress to the mix. Set a careful pace for yourself with your work so you don’t feel overwhelmed at the last minute.

Eat Better Food

We know you know this, and you probably do your best to make smart choices daily. But when it’s cold and gray it can be easy to take comfort from foods that fall closer to the unhealthy range. Make sure you’re eating a good variety of foods including fresh fruits and veggies — it can be a real mood booster.

Get Outside During The Day

The number one way to combat the winter blues is to get out into the sunshine to collect that Vitamin D. We know it’s hard to gear up and get outside in the cold weather, but spending thirty minutes outside every day will definitely help you fight off the winter blues. A sun light can also help, but nature is free!


Getting plenty of movement is a great way to fight off winter blues. You can hit two birds with one stone if you head outside to get your exercise and your thirty minutes of sunshine a day! So take the long way to class in the morning, and you’ll feel better all day.

Listen To Music

We already know music can help you focus when you study, but it can help fight off winter sadness as well! Crank up the music and have yourself a study-break dance party, and you’ll likely find that your happiness factor increases too. So take the time daily to enjoy your favorite tunes!


Helping others can help you, too. There’s no better way to gain some perspective on your own life then volunteering with those less fortunate than you. Help out at a homeless shelter, a local animal shelter (especially if you miss your pets back home), or another local organization that could use some extra hands. Check with your college, too — they might have some volunteer opportunities available for you to take advantage of.

There are plenty of ways to fight off the winter blues. And just remember — each day brings one more minute of sunshine! Soon it will warm up and we’ll have longer days. You got this!