League’s Starting Line Up, LCA Edition: Marta Bran

Marta holding her degree certificate she earned at LCA.

League creates styles that go beyond looking good: they do good, and help make our employees lives better.

Today we introduce you to Marta Bran, a member of our League Central America team in El Salvador. Marta joined LCA  in January of 2013. “I started in the Packing Department. It didn’t take me long to realize that League is blessed,” she said.  “There is no other factory that offers opportunities to its employees like the opportunities League provides, and it’s up to us to take advantage of that. “

Marta taking college courses at LCA.

Marta has definitely embraced educational opportunities at LCA. Marta joined Universidad League Central America. This program was created in partnership with Universidad Don Boscoone of El Salvador’s premier universities. Marta was one of the first students to graduate from LCA’s college.

Marta being awarded her degree.

“League’s main focus is to help people through education,” she said. “I always told myself that I have to study in order to be someone in life. Now, academically, I feel so proud because I graduated with my technical degree in Personnel Administration.”

It’s made a big difference for Marta. “It’s something very impactful in my life because I have always wanted to go to college, but I never had the opportunity,” she said. “After I graduated, League promoted me to Supervisor of the Cutting Department.”

Through the years, LCA continues to be a beacon for all companies doing business in Central America. As Marta says, “When one has a vision to succeed, they can, because this is the new El Salvador for anyone who wants to succeed.”  

Thanks for letting us feature you, Marta!