League’s Starting Line Up, LCA Edition: Meet Karla Campos

Karla Campos at work at League Central America.

League strives to create styles that go beyond looking good: they do good, and help make our employees lives better. We are committed to making a difference. There are 500 employees at our ethically-run, company owned factory in El Salvador where treating workers with dignity and respect is at the core of what we do. We’d like to introduce you to Karla Campos, one of our team members at League Central America.

Karla at her desk.

Karla joined League in 2012. “I had only ever completed my first year of high school before I started working as a sewing operator at many different factories. I couldn’t imagine continuing my career only as an operator and I always had hopes and goals of finding better work.”

Karla helping process orders.

She’s been happy working for LCA. “Coming to League was the best thing that could have ever happened in my life.” She was thrilled to be able to take advantage of League’s education programs. “They offered me a new opportunity of work and provided me the opportunity to finish my high school degree. No other factory in El Salvador provides opportunities like this.”

Karla with two of her three children.

She is inspired by her family. “I am a single mother of 3 children, ages 7, 14, and 15. They incentivize me to continue pushing forward and show them that there are always opportunities in life and God will guide them.”

Karla has become quite the inspiration herself. “I am finishing my second year in my University technical degree in Biomedical Engineering. Now that I am studying and completing my degree, I think that everyone can do the same!”

Karla with her other League classmates.

We love having Karla on our team, and can’t wait to see what she does next!