League’s Starting Line Up: Meet John Donaldson, CFO

League is the leading collegiate lifestyle brand that you know and love today thanks to our fantastic team members. League has a great team working behind the scenes. Today, we introduce to you Chief Financial Officer John Donaldson.

John started with League in 2016. “It has been a fast and furious 2 years,” he said. He’s enjoyed his time here, and he’s loved being part of the League family. “Everyday there is something new going on, and always a challenge to go after.” He also deeply enjoys his visits to League Central America. “I visit LCA several times a year, and the enthusiasm and loyalty of everyone working there is just a very heartwarming atmosphere.”

John helping deliver food items collected during a League food drive.

He’s also a big fan of League products. But what’s his favorite? “That is a tough one with all the new products League continues to introduce,” he said. “But you can’t go wrong with the BT300 Long Sleeve Pocket Tee or L900 Victory Falls Tee, just to name a few.” His family likes League products too. “My two boys are past their college years, but are still fans of the League line,” he said.  Since his kids are grown and flown, the family Golden Retriever is now the baby of the family. “Our dog enjoys all the attention my wife and I can shower him with.”

While not quite a native Philadelphian, John did attend a local college. “Right here in downtown Philadelphia, I went to Temple University.”John was thrilled when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl recently. “I consider myself a local Philadelphia resident even though I was born in Chicago, Illinois,” he said. “I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Eagles and now that we finally have reached the top of the mountain and I’m already thinking of a repeat!”

John (center, top) and other League team members volunteering at the local Special Olypmics.

He’s found recent inspiration from the book, The Captain Class by Sam Walker. “The most successful sports teams all had the Leadership and Chemistry that was needed to achieve great success in that sport, ” he states. “If that combination was achieved the team could be champions for many years to come.” Let’s hope the Eagles keep that chemistry!

John also finds inspiration from his fellow man. “This year it seems we have been hit with several natural disasters and I am amazed at the resilience, strength and compassion that complete strangers bring for one another,” he said. Maybe that’s why his mantra is the Winston Churchill quote, “If you’re going through hell, keep going!”

Thanks for being an inspirational team member John!  So glad you found us at League!