League’s Starting Line Up, LCA Edition: Meet Crisstian Montes

At League, we believe in creating styles that not only look good, they do good. This is why we make many of our own products at our company-owned, social conscious facility League Central America (LCA), located in El Salvador.

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our LCA team members, Crisstian Montes! He joined the production team at LCA three years ago after believing he wouldn’t be able to work because of being in a wheelchair. “A few years ago I had an accident which caused me an injury,” he said. “At the beginning, it was very difficult to accept it, because I could not find a job that I could do.” It wasn’t just his injury, however, that was holding him back — it was also a lack of education. “It’s also because I don’t have a competent academic level,” he stated.

Crisstian telling his story.

Luckily, he heard about LCA. “I met new friends who worked at a company called League,” he said. “They spoke very well about League and how League had many many benefits for a person with a disability. There was no discrimination.” It wasn’t long before he got the call. “They called me and gave me this opportunity. Ever since that moment, I have been working for League.”

Thanks to the educational programs at LCA, he’s addressing his education as well. “When I started working, I realized that they also offer opportunities to study, from first grade up to university,” he said. “I entered 5th grade, now I’m finished with seventh grade and going into 8th grade.” But he’s got loftier goals as well. “My goal is to finish enough school so I can go to the university program at LCA. I plan to study to be an accountant so I can have an accounting career.” 

Crisstian in class.

We can’t wait to see what Crisstian does next! “Now my whole life has changed, I feel better than before. I feel more positive, and I only think of positive things,” he told us. We are so glad you’re part of LCA and the League family, Crisstian!

Crisstian at his station.