League’s Starting Line Up: Meet Vanessa Patrone, Account Manager

Vanessa enjoying New Orleans.

League is the leading collegiate lifestyle brand that you know and love today thanks to our fantastic team members. We have great people working behind the scenes, and today, we’d like to introduce Account Manager Vanessa Partone.

Vanessa is a League newcomer, having started last fall. “I have worked at League since October, and I am currently an Account Manager,” she said. She’s glad to be working at League, and find League has a great culture. “I love how creative, and friendly it is!”

Her education makes her a great fit for League. “I started my freshman year at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island but transferred to Philadelphia University sophomore year,” she said. “I studied Fashion Merchandising for my first two years but ended up switching and graduating with a Business Management degree.”

She’s a Philly area local. “I grew up about 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia in a small, close-knit town. I went to school for all 12 years with a majority of the same people, even some from pre-k,” she said. Her family still lives in the area.

Vanessa and her family.

I have two younger siblings who are twins and sophomores in college. My brother goes to Penn State and my sister goes to Walnut Hill College. I come from a big Italian family with 28 cousins who are all so special to me!” That’s a lot of cousins!  But she doesn’t love all Italian food. “I am a really picky eater, and although I am Italian, I really don’t like pasta.”

She started 2018 with firm goals. “My goals for 2018 are to save more money so I can travel, spend more time with my family and set aside more time to read!” she states. “I love traveling and experiencing new places, going out with my friends, cooking, and reading. In the fall and spring love I doing anything outdoors, in the summer love being at the beach, and in the winter having a snow day!” She’s also a dog lover. “We have two Pomeranians named Cha Cha and Sorella, and I also have a German Shepherd with my boyfriend named Brutus.”

Of course, we asked her about her favorite League item. “Right now, my favorite piece of League piece is the 1636 Snap Up! So different from anything I’ve ever seen in a college store!”

Thanks for being a part of League, Vanessa! We’re glad to have you on board.