At League, we’ve always understood that success requires a team effort, which is why we recognize our team members whose hard work and perseverance have helped build and grow our brand. Today we’d love to introduce you to Marie Curcio.

Marie has worked for League as an Account Manager since 2016, and like so many of our team members, she loves League gear. Her favorite item, she says, is a toss-up—between the Victory Falls Long Sleeve and the Victory Springs Half Zip. And League runs deep in Marie’s family. “When my husband proposed,” she told us, “He was wearing the 1636 Snap Up!”

Not long after the proposal.

Her family is very important to Marie. Her inspiration, she told us, comes from her parents. “They have been really good examples of how to be a good person and stay true to who you are in the face of adversity.”

When asked about her favorite League memory, Marie is quick to praise her fellow team members. “I know that I can always count on any one of them for a helping hand or a laugh.” Marie loves being a part of League’s Social Media Team too. “It’s fun to get to be a part of what is posted for our customers,” she says, “and it allows me to add a little creativity into my day.”

With her fellow Account Managers new and old.

When we asked Marie about her favorite TV shows, NCIS came up a winner. Her two all time favorite shows are The West Wing and Gilmore Girls.

Outside the office, Marie enjoys crafting. “It’s a pretty big hobby of mine,” she says. Not only does she make lots of items for around the house—she even created much of the décor for her own wedding! “I like to test myself to see if I can make something that I see instead of having to buy it,” she says, “it always feels more special to me knowing I made it myself.”

Speaking of weddings, Marie is a newlywed. Her favorite wedding memory, she says, is when the DJ unexpectedly called her and Dan out on the dance floor. “It ended up being like a second dance for the two of us with all of our friends and family,” she says. “It was a really cool moment and something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.”

When it comes to Marie’s secret for getting through the day, she says she just tries to always be positive or to find a positive in a negative situation. That’s some solid advice we can all use!  Thanks to Marie for being a big part of our League team!