League’s Starting Lineup: Meet Lauren Brown

Lauren on the far right, at Cornell University with Meredith Mitchell and Catherine Podlogar.

League continues to be the apparel company you know and love today thanks to our fantastic team members. Our classic Ivy League styles are created and fine tuned by our creative and design team members, including Lauren Brown. 

Lauren has been with League for a while — over twelve years! “I started in Customer Service (later called an Account Manager) as my first position, then I moved onto the Design and Development Team,” she said. “Now I am the Director of Merchandising!”

Lauren at work.

There are many things Lauren loves about working for League, but it’s her coworkers that matter the most. “All of the friendships that I have accumulated over the years both internally and externally have been amazing,” she says. “I find it very lucky to have gained so many lifelong friends from my career!” She’s inspired by her coworkers too. “We have such a strong and creative team here… it is hard not to be inspired every day!”

But that’s not all she loves. “One of my other favorite parts about working at League is that even though it is very hard work it has always been exciting and worth it!  Whether it’s traveling to different schools or finishing up a project with the team, it always feels like a great collaboration!”

Lauren is bringing her creative spirit to her adorable daughter Mabel. “I do lots of arts and crafts with my almost 3 year old!” She and her husband are celebrating an anniversary soon too. “My wonderful husband Bill and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this coming January!”

Lauren spends a lot of time with her family and friends. “My parents as well as both of my siblings live close and have little ones so most of my weekends are spent with my family,” she said. “Also I tend to spend my early Saturday mornings on a long run with two of my closest friends — and one happens to be League’s Senior Designer, Claire!”

Lauren got her skills studying at one of Philly’s local universities. ” I attended Philadelphia University aka Textile aka Jefferson University (lots of name changes over the years!).” Luckily she can support her alma mater with her favorite League gear. “My favorite currently is the Vineyard Hooded Henley, but I also love the Eli’s ¼ Zip!” We asked about her favorite items soon to be featured in the Fall 2018 Catalogue. “Oh for sure our new fleece pieces, they are right up my alley!”

Since the holidays are fast approaching, we asked how she’s giving back this holiday season. “I always like to do the gift giving ‘adopt a child’  from the local YMCA,” she said. “I love the holiday season so much, it was always a very special time for me growing up. I hate to think that not every single kid gets to have that positive time in their lives.”

Lauren isn’t planning on any resolutions this New Year’s. “I feel like I always say I am going to cut back on sweets but that never works! Maybe I will try something new this year!” It might be challenging given how much Lauren loves cookies. “Cookies, all day every day. And not just for Christmas! This is why I run so much!”

League is so lucky to have Lauren with us!