Many people helped get League where we are today, and we enjoy featuring those who have been part of our success. We’ve grown League with good old-fashioned hard work and determination, and the OneCoast Collegiate Sales Team has played a big part. Today we’re happy to introduce you to Jennifer Garcia, who sells League in Southern California and Arizona!

Jenn with Peter the Anteater, Irvine’s Mascot.

Jenn has worked with League for quite a while. “I’ve represented League in Southern Cal for 5 years,” she told us. “And in Arizona longer.” Her favorite League gear? “Any of the tri-blend fleece. It is the perfect California fleece weight and I live in the half zip during the ‘winters’ in California. My husband Paul’s favorite is the Victory Falls Tee and the tri-blend Jogger Pant and Short.”

On her wedding day with Paul.

When asked where she gets inspiration, Jenn said, “I can get inspiration from a lot of different places. A run along the ocean, traveling to new places,  a great conversation with my husband and friends, and from my 97 year old grandmother.” She loves running, and has competed in triathlons. Her biggest running achievement was a 70.3 triathlon. “It’s a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run,” she told us. “It was an amazing experience and took a ton of training.”

Jenn, (right), after a race.

Sports have a big significance in Jenn’s life. “My high school volleyball coach Mr. Contreras made quite an impact on me. I was the shortest person on my volleyball team, but with his encouragement to never give up and work hard I made the varsity team as a sophomore and continued to have success as a team captain by my senior year.” She’s a fan of college sports, too. “I do love college sports, and cheer for all my customer’s teams in addition to Michigan State.”

Jenn with Lauren and Meredith from League at the USC Bookstore.

Jenn loves working for OneCoast. “I love the people I work with. I was recently part of a new advisory council, and it was so inspiring and encouraging to come together to talk about the business and share ideas.” She tells us that her goals for the rest of 2017 include League! “I can’t wait to start booking the spring League line and reach my sales goals!”

Thanks, Jenn! We love working with you too!