An Ongoing History

At League, we’re building a brand by honoring the rich heritage of the universities and institutions that have come before us. We’re based in Philadelphia—an appreciation for history comes with the turf.

We’re known for our smart vintage-inspired designs, iconic logos, and all-around American aesthetic. It’s always been the core of the company, long before we were a company.

You see, before we designed our first classic tee, before any of us ever felt the durable softness of our go-to hoody in our hands, before the worn-in coziness of our sweatpants were even a twinkle in our eyes, there was a D-ring sailing belt—its embroidered logo making the distinctive difference.

A small blip in our history, that belt was the beginning.

We became League shortly after that experiment. While our products and styles have changed through the years, our taste for the timeless has not. More than ever, we have the ability to forecast trends that transcend, that don’t find themselves quickly dated, that truly shine in the college market. In the ever-changing industry of fashion, this is an achievement we’re extremely proud of.