Universidad League Central America: LCA Launches In House College Program

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Five years ago League Central America began offering classes for students who hadn’t completed their education. At first we offered one-on-one tutoring for 1st through 6th grade, then we expanded through secondary school. Since that time, we’ve had three graduation ceremonies honoring students who have completed the program.

League is proud to announce a partnership with Universidad Don Bosco — one of El Salvador’s premier universities. We now offer three two-year college degree programs, on site, in Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. 90 League employees are enrolled in the degree programs. Classrooms have been added to the third floor mezzanine for the League college students.

Rodrigo announcing first day of university
Rodrigo Bolanos welcoming the first class of students to the college program.

Education Programs at League Central America

Why did League Central America embark on such an ambitious program? Rodrigo Bolanos, General Manager, talks about a meeting he had with the director of the local primary school. “He was very worried,” Rodrigo said. “Because 20% of his students had dropped out.” Rodrigo was moved, and worked with the school to create a program for the graduating class that included jobs and education. “Since that time there have been almost no drop outs,” Rodrigo stated.

The cost of the college program is $100 per month per student. After doing some research, it was clear that would be too big a financial burden for LCA team members. “We found most employees could afford $50 a month,” states Rodrigo. “Thankfully, with contributions from League Bridgeport, the OneCoast sales team, and the employees that aren’t in the college program, we’ve been able to cover the costs.”

Biomechanical Engineering Students
Biomechanical Engineering Students

In the Business of Human Development

When it comes to the college program, Rodrigo was enthusiastic. “We’re very excited,” he said. “It’s interesting because we see ourselves as a company in the business of human development. The employees are really excited because they will be learning enough to succeed in life.”

Rodrigo and League are committed to bring real change to the people of El Salvador. “What you see,” states Rodrigo. “Is truly the League brand impacting the community more than any other company.”

Electrical Engineering Students
Electrical Engineering Students