The Life Of A League Order
When you walk into your college bookstore and purchase a League style, chances are you don’t think much about how that product arrived there. Getting your favorite League merchandise into the store is a process, and each step of the way you’ll find dedicated League team members making sure your ...
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New Concept Shop at The University Bookstore for University of Wisconsin, Madison
We have partnered with the The University Bookstore at University of Wisconsin-Madison to bring a touch of League’s Ivy League style to a concept shop for our products within the store.
Take a look!
The University Bookstore has a history of creating beautiful displays, including our League products, so we were excited ...
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Six Podcasts To Keep You Sharp Over Summer Break

How can you stay sharp and learn new things for free, anywhere you go? Podcasts! Podcasts are like vintage radio shows and can be found on nearly any subject. From in-depth explorations into crimes to discovering the latest news in your area of study, you’ll find highly entertaining shows that you can download and listen to on road trips, at the gym, or vacation at the beach!

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We love to care

League is deeply committed to seeing beyond the wardrobe—to employing ethical practices and acting on our global footprint. How does a company that designs and manufactures collegiate licensed sportswear make a difference in this crazy world? Well, first and foremost, by being an example to other companies in our industry. It’s just another reason why we make our own goods, refuse to outsource to low cost factories, and have our own world class, socially conscious manufacturing facility.

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Partner Relationships